I’ve been indulging in a lot of “guilty pleasure” type TV the last couple of days. On one of these shows, a guy trying to narrow down which of two girls he wanted to date asked each to describe the most generous thing she had ever done. Of course, he was a well-known professional football player who’d donated multi-millions of dollars to his alma mater…the question was prefaced with that, making one of the poor girls who was obviously thrown by the question sound just sad when she said she’d recently rescued a kitten.

I’m not a huge cat fan, but the whole thing made me kind of cranky. I mean, if you don’t have millions of dollars at your disposal isn’t it pretty noble to rescue a kitten if you do a good job taking care of it? More importantly, it made me think – how would I answer that question? I give some money to charity now and again, but not regularly. I keep “meaning to” volunteer for a cause that’s meaningful to me – there are several – but I don’t seem to get around to it. I believe I’m generous of heart and with my time when my friends and family need me when times are tough, but I’m often wrapped up in my own “stuff” and too busy to be there for the annoying day-to-day or even to help celebrate the joyous times properly.

I have a short daily litany that I’ve been following for couple of weeks now. I like it, it’s working for me.

  • Pray
  • Let go – I don’t control the outcome, God does
  • Do my best
  • Be grateful
  • Live now

I’m adding one item:

  • Be generous