It’s been a long, long time between posts. Seasons and lives have changed in the past month. To paraphrase a classic: It’s been the best of times; it’s been the worst of times. It hasn’t been a time I’ve found the wherewithal to write.

Tale One: I’ve been hired by a company I’m proud to be working for to do a job I’m really happy doing. And I’m back to making my “old” salary, which is a very good one, so though times will continue to be a little rough for a while until I catch up, it looks like my career woes have been resolved and financial woes are on the mend.

Tale Two: My father’s health took a significant turn for the worse, and without going into details, it now appears he will not be returning to us. We are on vigil. I am here and he is there – logistics because of the new job – but my employer has been incredibly understanding and stands ready to give me time to be with him when it’s most crucial. My sister and I are alone now, having lost our mother last December, and with my father’s mind impaired we’re now having to make unbearable decisions in accordance with his living will. Thank god for that living will – we know exactly what he wants and don’t have to question ourselves too much. If you haven’t done one for yourself, do one NOW for the sake of your loved ones.

So I come back today with just this quick snippet of an update, proving I’m alive I guess – even if just to myself. No witty remarks or wonderful insights. Just equal frustration and wonder that the universe works in such strange ways…giving with one hand, taking with the other.

In closing, I’d like to share this lovely article I came across that talks about finding hope and goodness in the midst of pain and tragedy. It focuses on a Jewish saying “‘Gam zu l’tovah.” –  Even this could possibly be for the good. I’m holding this to my heart so hard the imprint of the letters may be seen as shadows on my back if you look closely.

Spirituality & Practice: Book Excerpt: Here I Am, by Leonard Felder.