If curiosity kills the cat, then I hope I’m never reincarnated as a cat or it’ll likely be a very short cycle til the next incarnation. Curiosity, seeking, always questioning is what keeps me alive. Or at least what keeps that pilot light lit deep down inside, so that even in the darkest of times, the thing that will get me going again will be to find some little something to tickle my mind and turn the notch up on that fire until it’s burning bright again.

Sometimes these quests pursue serious things – politics, religions, relationships; sometimes trivial things – who sang that song on the commercial I just heard because I have to hear that again!  Questrix is intended to capture and share at least pieces of these quests and musings. But all things in life tend to follow their own path organically, regardless of my intent, so let’s you and I see where Questrix’ journey takes us.