Words fascinate me. I mean individual words themselves – the sound of them, the meaning or sometimes multiple meanings of them. There’s so much magic in words! One of my favorite words (yes…I actually have a list of favorite words; it’s not very organized – along with all the other little gems I jot in my indispensable little Moleskine notebook that goes everywhere with me, whenever a word pops into my head and won’t let go, I scribble it down thus adding it to my “list”)…anyway, one of my favorite words is synchronicity.

Synchronicity – an apparently meaningful coincidence in time of two or more similar or identical events that are causally unrelated

This word comes up today because of a series of coincidences that  happened recently. I mentioned I’m “employment-challenged” currently; which obviously means I’m really, really money-challenged right now – learning how to stretch a dollah! One way I’ve been making ends meet is selling stuff around the house on eBay, Craigslist, the like. Over the weekend I made some good sales and racked up a nice sum. Naturally, this was exactly when my car decided it was time to breakdown, forcing a repair that cost almost the entire amount of money I had made. So far, this is a story of synchronicity – though kind of a sad, sob story. I give myself credit; I took it pretty well. Figured things could have been worse. I could’ve had the repair without having money from the stuff I sold, so that was good. And nothing happened to me personally when the car broke down, so that’s a very good thing. Silver lining and all that. But I’m human and underneath I couldn’t help feeling like that extra money had been yanked right out of my needy little hands.

Yesterday in the mail, I received a check for almost the exact amount of the car repair. It was from an old 401K account that I thought had been closed out, but in the final reconciliation there was additional money owed to me and – ta da – I received this check out of the bright blue sky. I didn’t see any clouds with silver linings, but I didn’t really need to look for one this time! Now we have a happy synchronicity story!

Synchronicity remains one of my favorite words. I’ve looked up the definition many times, and the one I’ve included here is one of the clearest I’ve found. To me, it’s a word that’s hard to describe with words. It’s that answer you get from a billboard or something a friend says or a situation like I’ve just described or a character on a TV show; it’s proof that there’s a plan, that we’re all interconnected, that there’s something bigger than me at work. The events may be “causally unrelated”, but the “meaningful”-ness of these coincidental events is readily apparent to me.