Startled, grateful, like a dry sponge soaking up any positive feedback because my insecurities are thoroughly dessicating, and just starting to realize I don’t get to buy a new outfit for an actual awards ceremony. These are my reactions – in order – to the surprise notification I received from dan4kent letting me know he was nominating me for the Liebster Award, including me along with six other lucky bloggers in the conclusion to his fantastic post Let It Be (as an aside, I must add, as a former goodie-two-shoes, I am particularly proud of being classified a “troublemaker”…however seriously or facetiously meant, I’m owning that label with pride!).

Now, I wanted to go ahead and write a little something acknowledging these nice things dan4kent (who is a fantastic writer, and if you are someone who happened by my page first, please, please, go check him out!) had to say about me. Not only does he deserve the “thank you”, but it appears I’ve benefited with some extra readers in the last few days and I don’t want any of you thinking I’m an ungrateful wretch. However, as I understand the rules of the award, I can’t quite accept it yet because there are some rules on conduct that I’ve learned about. (And since I don’t get to wear a fancy dress, just imagine how bummed I am that I have to delay putting a fancy award on my blog page!). I followed the trail back and am copying these rules from Sopphey Says

1. Thank the one who nominated you by linking back.
2. Nominate five blogs with less than 200 followers.
3.  Let the nominees know by leaving a comment at their sites.
4.  Add the award image to your site.

I’m thrilled at the opportunity to discover and nominate five other bloggers! The problem is, one of the reasons I was so startled to be recognized (and honored) is that I’ve only been blogging since July 8th and have just started to get familiar with my comrades in blogland out there. I’ve started following several of you as I get a chance to read (I’m sure you all can attest, it’s a challenge to find time enough to read everything good that pops up in the Reader) but as I started looking through those I’m already following I’m finding that a lot of you are already established, have won this or other awards, or have more than 200 followers. So, I’m determined to come through on this – and not just because I want that pretty label!! – but because I think it’s important to reach out and tell another “newbie”, hey – I really like what you’re doing and here’s why. I know it made some of those critical inner voices of mine shut up long enough for me to write another post.

So…. please stay posted for my FUTURE nominations as I continue to enjoy finding and reading those great blogs out there!