Grateful, grateful, grateful. So very grateful. Those are the words crowding themselves to the front, insisting to be blurted out first before they even allow me to put them in proper context. Okay, words, are you happy now? May I explain? Thank you oh so very much.

As I was trying to tell you, I have rediscovered my joy in writing. Thanks to this simple little blog, and the discovery that there are others like me, and that nothing scary or terrible happened when I dared to put forth my thoughts to the “world”. You can’t – no, I take that back – I bet YOU can, imagine how incredibly freeing this has been for me. It’s awakened words that I think have been dammed up for years. I’m absolutely sure not all of them express great thoughts or tell life altering stories, but I’m positive each one of these words is worthy of being expressed by me, even if it’s only ever read by me. Reading so many of you is teaching me to become fearless….well, maybe that’s an overstatement, the paranoia and self-doubt will always be there, but at least the dam has broken.

SO, as a little gift of gratitude I’d like to share a site called I Write Like that I stumbled upon just a while ago. This site has got to be the greatest ego booster of all time! You pop in a sample of your writing, it runs it through the statistical analysis tool (I don’t even want to know what goes on in the little black box doing the calculations; it says right on the website statistical analysis tool and so its obviously very serious and scientific so don’t go trying to burst my bubble) and determines what famous writer you write like. And it even gives you a Badge to share with friends as proof of this analysis. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how (or if it’s kosher) to insert the code to display the badge, showing you that:

I write like David Foster Wallace

but I can send you to this link as proof: My Badge of Proof and from there you can click over to do your own analysis.

Or, if you want to skip the part about me and get right to you (I mean, of course you do – c’mon, right?), here’s the direct link to the analyzer: Find out What Famous Writer YOU Write Like

So go, go… and let me know what you find!!!